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Closed Cooling Tower

Closed Cooling Tower

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Closed Cooling TowerUse and precautions of

Prepare before booting

A, check whether there is a abnormalities around the cooling tower;

b, check whether the cooling tower power connection is appropriate (phase voltage is in line with the chiller voltage requirements);

C. Check that all valves in the waterway that need to be opened are turned on,

D, check whether the pump, fan is turning;

E, inspectionClosed Cooling TowerWhether the circulating water tank is filled with water; whether the recharge interface of the sprinkler collector is connected;

2. Operation of closed Cooling tower

Press "Pump on" and "fan open" two start knobs (indicator light, indicating the work of both), to observe whether the pump clockwise rotation, whether the flow direction in accordance with the arrow indication direction of operation, water pressure is normal (normal water pressure between 0.1~0.25Mpa), leakage situation and abnormal sound. Observe whether the wind direction of the fan is upward (the wind direction is reversed, as long as the electric control cabinet will be according to the fan motor 3 lines arbitrarily Exchange 2 can), whether there is abnormal jitter sound and other situations, found that the problem immediately resolved, can not be resolved, please contact the company in a timely manner.

3. Downtime

Press "Pump Stop" and "fan stop" two knobs, the whole device can stop working.

4. Automatic Temperature control device

Standard closed cooling tower effluent temperature is generally not more than 55 ℃ is appropriate, but some equipment requires a lower temperature. The closed cooling tower is equipped with an automatic temperature control device, which automatically starts the sprinkler pump when the effluent temperature reaches the set high temperature value, and when the current drops to the adjusted low temperature value, the temperature control device will turn off the "sprinkler device" and control the effluent temperature within the temperature range you have adjusted periodically.

5. Thermal overload Protection Reset

Thermal overload relays for fan motors and pump motors are installed in the electrical system respectively. After protecting the action, the Red reset button on the thermal overload relay at the bottom of the corresponding AC contactor must be pressed to the end in order to reset the thermal overload. Otherwise, the "pump on" or "Fan open" button will not be able to suck the corresponding AC contactor.

6. Water Tank Replenishment

Observe the liquid level display tube on the water tank and replenish the soft water when it is found to be low.

7. Antifreeze

The radiator of this closed cooling tower is composed of several sets of copper tubes.

Users with ambient temperatures below 0 ℃ remember to freeze. After the shutdown, the residual water in the copper tube will freeze, will cause the copper tube to freeze and crack!

The following antifreeze measures can be used:

A. Install the equipment in an indoor protection area of more than 0 ℃.

B. The equipment is installed outdoors (or below 0 ℃), can be added to the stainless steel water tank and sprinkler sink antifreeze, add the amount of reference antifreeze instructions.

The following is used as a reference for antifreeze:

A The importance of antifreeze:

In winter, when water-cooled equipment is installed outdoors or indoors, effective antifreeze measures must be considered when the ambient temperature is likely to fall below 0 ℃, which is a simple and effective means of equipment protection to remind users that this should be done before the onset of winter.

B Methods of selection and use of antifreeze:

The market on the variety of antifreeze, quality is also mixed, please users in the procurement should pay attention to the choice of brand products. Antifreeze mainly contains the object of "water ethanol", the quality of antifreeze is also mainly reflected in the content of water ethanol, high content for quality products.

Antifreeze can be purchased from chemical production enterprises.

The use of antifreeze is very simple, mainly based on the need to freeze the low temperature value to determine the amount of addition, the specific proportion should refer to the use of antifreeze packaging instructions.

The following example is for reference only:

Example one: The user's local estimate of the minimum ambient dry ball temperature (temperature) of 10 ℃, should be added to the high content of the antifreeze, the pure water of the concrete, after the actual use of the discovery of oil is still frozen, should consider continuing to add a certain proportion of antifreeze, until no longer frozen as well.

Example two: When the user expects the lowest ambient dry ball temperature (temperature) to be 20 ℃, the high content of the antifreeze should be added, 50-60% pure water, until it is no longer frozen as well.

And so on, the lower the freezing temperature point, the higher the proportion of antifreeze added, to the actual non-icing freeze as accurate, please the user flexible grasp.

C Effects and substitution of antifreeze on equipment:

We have proved through theory and practice that antifreeze will not cause corrosion and other effects on the equipment, but will slightly increase the conductivity, because of the use of fully enclosed pure water cycle, pure water conductivity is very low, the impact of antifreeze in the normal range, please rest assured that users use.

If the user is unable to purchase antifreeze for a while, the industrial alcohol can be replaced by short time. Because alcohol has a strong volatility, after a period of use may be volatile, can not achieve the anti-freezing effect, please the user according to the actual situation to make the corresponding adjustment.

D. The company does not provide antifreeze, the following provided by the antifreeze manufacturers for the user's reference only. The ratio depends on the requirements of each manufacturer.

Maintenance and maintenance of closed cooling tower

A, for closed cooling tower, please keep the surface of the cooling coil (cooler) clean, ensure the surrounding air circulation, regularly clean up the heat exchanger dust, oil stains and other debris, so as not to affect the air volume and heat dissipation effect, regular cleaning spray filter.

b, if the closed cooling tower is deactivated for a period of time, due to water pollution accumulation deposition, pump pump leaves may be solidified by dirt, and then boot must first turn loose pump rotor, in order to avoid pump leaves do not turn, resulting in burning fuse.

C, closed cooling tower in the dust of a larger environment after a period of time, the outer wall of the copper tube may scale, after scaling will reduce the cooling capacity of the equipment, it is recommended to do descaling.

The following example is for reference only:

Descaling agents: N7348 and 66Pulv

Here's how to use it:

First of all, the sink is injected with water, can not make the spray pump suction is better.

Then, put N7348 into the water, that is, each cubic input 350 grams, put on the open sprinkler pump, flow for 10m3/h, 4 hours of operation. A large number of foams are produced during operation.

Again, put into 66Pulv, the amount of input according to the degree of scaling of the table cooler, generally 5% of the water volume. If the water color is red, then put in the appropriate amount of 66Pulv, so that the water color is blue. Open the sprinkler pump, operating time control in 6-12 hours.

Finally, empty the potion, inject water into the sink, open the sprinkler pump, run for half an hour, if the water is still cloudy, and then add water once. Empty the water when it is evenly colored.