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Provide you with one-stop cooling equipment Solutions
Provide you with one-stop cooling equipment Solutions
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Are you working forBothered not to find a suitable supplier of cooling towers?
  • Engineering operators lack of experience, no relevant qualifications?
  • No full-time construction team, construction staff is not professional?
  • Engineering Management Chaos
  • Unreasonable design of the scheme
  • Service is not in place in time?
  • Not in accordance with standard construction
  • The construction process is not standard?
  • Not in line with actual needs?
  • Construction safety can not be guaranteed?
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To provide you with high standards, personalized, advanced cooling equipment and first-class solutions
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  • Energy saving, environmental protection
  • The world is widely used in steel, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, thermal power plants, electronics, textiles, beverages, machinery manufacturing and other industrial industries and hotels, office buildings, shopping malls, theatres, subways and other commercial places.
More than 10 years experience in cooling equipment industry, superb maintenance technology
More than a years experience in vacuum pump, superb maintenance
  • Long-term provision of cooling equipment technical guidance and repair, maintenance.
  • We have more than ten years of experience in the cooling equipment maintenance industry, can provide you with one-stop cooling equipment repair services, so that you look after worry worry-free.
Have a professional service team with perfect sophisticated
Have a complete Lean professional services team
  • Leading technology, reliable quality, quality service.
  • The company has a number of long-term engaged in cooling equipment industry technical professionals, through superb technology and puzzling efforts, can provide you with perfect cooling equipment engineering design.
High quality pre-sale after-sales service, so that you rest assured/comfortable
High-quality pre-sale service, so you rest Assured/shuxin
  • Accurate quality, strict delivery, perfect service is our commitment.
  • Dedicated regular return visits to old customers, listen to customer feedback, timely follow up maintenance. Commitment to all the cooling equipment purchased in the company, enjoy a one-year free warranty, and provide technical support for life.
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New Ji Cooling-Committed to the industrial, commercial, military and other fields required for efficient, low-consumption cooling equipment R & amp; D and production
Dongguan Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of refrigeration equipment in mainland China, is a research and development, production, sales, installation, service in one of the high-tech enterprises and cooling tower manufacturers. The company is located in the Pearl River Delta Economic Zone, following the "Energy saving, environmental protection" industry guidelines, is committed to the industrial, commercial, military and other fields required for efficient, low-consumption cooling equipment R & amp; D and production. Company development and production of various types of refrigeration equipment technology mature, advanced performance, reliable quality. Products include industrial cooling tower, cooling tower filler, square cooling tower, circular cooling tower, cross-flow cooling tower, closed cooling tower, countercurrent cooling tower, hydraulic turbine cooling tower, stainless steel tower, closed tower, industrial tower, Countercurrent Tower, cross-flow tower and other energy-saving cooling towers, to provide cooling tower accessories, cooling tower prices, sold to Guangdong, Hunan, Fujian , Guangxi, Hainan, Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou and other provinces.
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can provide customers from product R & amp; d and production, sales and installation, to after-Sales maintenance tracking service ...
Provide professional engineers to design cooling tower solutions According to customer needs and installation environment. ...