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Stainless steel closed Cooling tower

Stainless steel closed Cooling tower

Product Details

Stainless steelClosed Cooling TowerProduct advantages

Improve production efficiency, soften water cycle, no scaling, no blockage, no loss;

Extend equipment life, ensure reliable and stable operation of equipment, reduce faults and eliminate accidents;

Fully enclosed circulation, no impurities into, no media evaporation, no pollution;

Improve the plant utilization coefficient, do not need a pool, reduce the floor, save space;

Small footprint, installation, movement, easy layout, compact structure;

Easy to operate, stable operation, high degree of automation;

Save operating costs, automatic switching of various modes, intelligent control;

A wide range of uses, the heat exchanger non-corrosive media, can be directly cooled;


Working principle of stainless steel closed cooling tower

Low cost of full life operation, high initial investment, low operating and maintenance costs;

Installation of stainless steel closed cooling tower

1. Selection of mounting locations

Stainless steel closed cooling tower suitable for installation in the Rainproof shed or with the outside environment has good ventilation conditions in the room, In the air exhaust direction space must not be less than 2.0m, so that the stainless steel closed cooling tower in the work by the cooling fan discharged from the hot air into the external environment, in the chiller side condenser inlet direction should be 1.5-2m space, to ensure the normal working environment of stainless steel closed cooling tower. Unit requirements placed on a solid level on the basis of the unit should be left around a certain amount of work space, in order to facilitate operation, inspection and maintenance.

2. For the machine room with poor ventilation conditions, it is recommended to guide the airway, and the hot air discharged from the unit will be introduced outdoors.