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Closed Cooling Tower

Closed Cooling Tower

Product Details

Closed Cooling TowerThe main principle is that the sprinkler water evaporates in the outer wall of the coil to cool the cooling water flowing through the tube, while the wind turbine is used to remove the steam produced in time. Spray water small parts evaporate, the rest is collected and recycled by the chassis.

The higher temperature cooling water from the condenser is pressurized and transported by the cooling pump to the cooling coil of the closed cooling tower. On the other hand, the water in the cooling tower chassis is pumped into the sprinkler coil by using a pipe pump, which sprays the heat of the cooling water in the inner surface of the cooling coil, thus reducing the temperature of the cooling water, while the suction effect of the fan mounted on the baffle causes the air to flow through the cooling coil from the bottom up, With spray water for the exchange of heat and latent heat, so that not only can strengthen the cooling coil outside the surface of the exothermic, but also in time to take away the evaporation of water vapor, accelerate moisture evaporation, improve the cooling effect.