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Reverse-flow closed cooling tower

Reverse-flow closed cooling tower

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How is the anti-freezing performance of the countercurrent closed cooling tower?

The winter temperature in the northern region is usually less than 0 degrees, and the anti-freezing problem of the countercurrent closed cooling tower is becoming more and more prominent, if the solution is not good, it may freeze the heat exchanger or other parts of the cooling tower. According to the different process characteristics, the countercurrent closed cooling tower Some winter running all day, some parts of the time period operation, some almost do not use. But all need to consider the issue of antifreeze.


1, Winter Basic use of the occasion to freeze measures

If in winterReverse-flow Cooling towerNo need to run, when downtime, spray water and internal circulating water must be emptied. Internal circulating water is recommended to use compressed air forced emptying, carbon steel pipe heat exchanger is not recommended to use the way of emptying to freeze.

2, part of the time period of operation of the occasion to freeze the problem

The antifreeze of the countercurrent closed cooling tower has two parts: the sprinkler water system and the internal circulating water system (softening water).

The problem of antifreeze in sprinkler water system usually increases the electric heater in the water plate, generally opens when the sprinkler water is less than 5 ℃, and stops more than 8 ℃. The temperature probe transmits the signal to the control cabinet and automatically controls the start and stop of the electric heater. The power selection of the electric heater is determined according to the circulating water quantity and the external temperature.

The freezing of internal circulating water system can add ethylene glycol solution or increase electric heating equipment. The freezing point temperature of ethylene glycol solution is required to be selected below the local minimum temperature.

For larger cooling system occasions, consideration can be given to digging the pool will spray water into it, can save the cost of electricity consumption due to electric heating operation, but also in the pool to put drugs, improve the water quality of sprinkler water.

3, year-round operation of the occasion to freeze the problem

The year-round operation of the countercurrent closed cooling tower, if equipped with an electronic control system, may be due to the load changes of the main system to bring about the change in the number of cooling tower operation, so also need to consider the problem of antifreeze. Unused equipment can be emptied before winter to freeze the frost.

With the continuous development of science and technology, reverse-flow closed cooling tower is bound to usher in greater development and application space.