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FRP Cooling Tower

FRP Cooling Tower

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FRP Cooling TowerRefers to a device that can cool water. Water in its heat exchange and mass exchange with the air flowing through it, causing the water temperature to drop.

An open cooling tower is a device that uses water and air contact to disperse waste heat generated in industrial or refrigeration air conditioners by evaporation. The basic principle is: the drying (low enthalpy value) of the air through the fan's twitching, from the inlet wind network into the cooling tower, saturated steam division pressure high temperature water molecules to low pressure air flow, hot and humid (high enthalpy value) of the water self-sowing water system sprinkled into the tower. When water droplets and air contact, on the one hand due to the air and water contact direct heat transfer, on the other hand, due to the pressure difference between the surface of the steam and air, under the action of pressure to produce evaporation phenomenon, that is, through the heat transfer with unsaturated dry air to take away the hot heat, part of the water evaporation will be in the water of

Closed cooling tower is the use of water and disk pipe contact, through the pipe wall heat transfer to the tropical drive tube cooling work heat to reach the cooling target. The circulating water in the closed cooling tower only circulates inside the cooling tower and the air heat transfer cools and then comes into contact with the coil to remove the working heat of the coil tube, the most obvious feature of the closed cooling tower, compared to the open cooling tower, is to increase the coil, and the liquid work that needs to be cooled flows in the steel coil tube without direct contact with the water, and heat transfer through the pipe wall.