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FRP cross-flow cooling tower

FRP cross-flow cooling tower

Product Details

Produced by Dongguan Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd.Cross-flow Cooling towerFRP Cooling tower using both sides into the wind, by the top of the fan, so that the air through the tower on both sides of the filler, and hot water for media exchange, hot and humid air petaline to the tower outside. The filler adopts a point wave sheet with convex points on both sides, which binds the point wave plate to the whole through the mounting head, in order to improve the rigidity, the convex point on both sides can also avoid direct dripping, thus improving the water film formation ability, and the filler tail is provided with water collection measures.

Product Features:

1, space-saving, lightweight structure

The heat transfer area is greatly improved by using the high efficiency heat exchange filler designed for this series of cooling towers, and its footprint decreases greatly compared with the original HBLD series and the original HBLCD series, and the operating weight is greatly reduced due to the optimization of structural design and the use of steel structure.

2. Saving power

The use of wings designed for the cooling tower of the wing FRP high-efficiency fan, thereby reducing the use of motor power, ultra-low noise type of motor power is smaller, more energy saving, but also according to user requirements, with a two-speed motor to save electricity.

3, very low operating noise

The use of low-noise motors designed for cooling towers reduces the operating noise of the cooling tower. Ultra Low Noise series Cooling tower operation Noise is lower, fully meet the environmental requirements. If a two-speed motor is used, it can also reduce the noise when running at low speed at night 2-3dB (A) The user needs a two-speed motor that should be requested separately at the time of ordering.

4, good corrosion resistance

Tower body, sink and panel are used with good corrosion resistance of FRP materials, and in the rubber coating resin with light stabilizer, with good anti-aging performance, lasting no discoloration. The steel structure parts of the tower are treated with zinc plating after processing to improve the corrosion resistance of the cross-flow FRP cooling tower, and no additional anticorrosion is required during the normal service life.

5. Convenient combination

Can be combined to meet the requirements of different operating conditions, users can also be based on the site situation to determine the combination, and according to the characteristics of the user's buildings, adjust the appearance of the cross-flow FRP cooling tower. If the user site is very limited. Our company can also be designed for the special requirements of users to meet the user's thermal performance and noise requirements.

6, easy to maintain