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Galvanized steel plate cross-flow cooling tower

Galvanized steel plate cross-flow cooling tower

Product Details

Cross-flow galvanized steel plate cooling tower for the combined design, adjacent cooling tower Air chamber separated from each other, can be in the cooling tower normal operation under the premise of maintenance and repair, cleaning filler, water pipe and water tank work more convenient.

Cross-flow Cooling towerProduct structure:

(1) Panel: FRP material, smooth and beautiful surface, corrosion resistance, anti-aging.

(2) Filler: For the modified 氁 bidirectional point wave, good thermal performance, small airflow resistance, good rigidity, heat resistance 75 ℃, cold resistance, flame retardant.

(3) Fan: leaf material is alloy aluminum plate. The fan has the characteristics of reasonable aerodynamic force, large air volume, high efficiency, low noise and corrosion resistance.

(4) Motor and reducer: for foreign co-equipment.

(5) Cloth sink: FRP material, uniform water distribution, ultra-low noise type has cover plate can be blinded, anti-debris fly in, reduce the sound of splashing water.

(6) Muffler cover: FRP material, internal viscous cavity type flame retardant 氁 film muffler material.

(7) Blinds: FRP material, can be waterproof splash out, and can make the inlet tower airflow evenly.

(8) Water tank: FRP material, water collection effect, with automatic water replenishment facilities, can be closed-circuit circulation direct water absorption.

(9) Skeleton: For the folding steel assembly structure, good rigidity, light weight, transportation, installation convenience, hot galvanized anti-corrosion.