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Cooling tower Turbine

Cooling tower Turbine

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Cooling tower turbine using turbocharged water wheel technology, the use of cooling tower equipment of the original circulating cooling air to promote fan heat dissipation, abolished in the traditional cooling tower with motor drive fan heat dissipation mode, save mechanical deceleration device and motor, so as to achieve "0" power consumption of new energy-saving environment-friendly cooling tower. The water-driven fan is by definition a hydraulic drive fan, not a traditional power. In the cooling tower of the water-moving fan, the turbine is replaced by the motor as the power source of the fan. The working power of the turbine comes from the surplus flow and surplus lift of the system.Cooling tower ManufacturersAfter the production of cooling tower turbine transformation, the hot water provided by the pump passes through the turbine and drives its rotation. The output shaft of the turbine is directly connected to the fan, which in turn drives the fan to rotate.

The circulating water of the heat dissipation system of the hydraulic turbine cooling tower is sent to the cooling tower by the cooling pump according to the requirements of the system, and the water flow and residual pressure after entering the tower can be fully utilized. Complete the cooling circulating water delivered to the cooling tower according to a certain pressure, flow through the hydraulic turbine, so that it can obtain the output power, and drive the fan heat dissipation, completely eliminate the fan motor, to achieve 100% exemption from the fan electrical energy purposes.

In the installation of hydraulic turbines, can retain the original cooling tower outside the structure, size does not change, hydraulic turbine cooling tower cold efficiency, fan wind speed, gas water ratio, noise than the original motor drive fan cooling tower has different degrees of improvement, a variety of technical indicators can meet the cooling tower design requirements.

The use of hydraulic turbine cooling tower system failure points less, with a hydraulic turbine instead of motor, reducer and transmission part, can achieve a long time trouble-free operation, for the use of units to save a lot of maintenance and replacement of cooling tower motor and reducer cost and manpower.