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Cooling Tower Accessories

Cooling Tower Accessories

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Introduction to cooling Tabu water products


Cloth Water Device:Cooling Tower AccessoriesCooling tower with a rotating water device, the use of water reverse impulse to automatically rotate the cloth water, our company produces water is aluminum alloy and nylon two materials, nylon cloth water device can be equipped with PVC sprinkler pipe, 5-100 tons of cooling tower cool water tower FRP Cooling tower can be used. Aluminum alloy cloth water can be equipped with 12-1000 tons of cooling tower, internal bearings, so the rotation is flexible, wear-resistant, corrosion resistance, reliable use, water supply pressure is very low, conducive to cooling tower energy saving;

The cooling tower motor plays the most basic role in the gas circulation in the cooling tower, and the cooling medium after discharging the vaporization in the cooling tower can minimize the temperature in the tower and have a guarantee effect on the refrigeration effect of the cooling medium. This is also one of the important conditions affecting the efficiency of cooling tower.

Usually in the use of cooling tower motor cooling equipment, to ensure that the cooling medium cycle rate is one of the important working conditions, but also an important factor to ensure efficiency. Cooling water is a commonly used cooling medium, directly in contact with the equipment, while heat absorption evaporation to achieve the heat replacement between the equipment, reduce the mechanical equipment itself in the high-speed operation of the heat generated. With the increasing use of induction heating equipment, because the user's own conditions are different, some of the equipment water cooling system is not paid enough attention to, some users do not use distilled water in accordance with the regulations, and the use of ordinary wells or tap water, in the actual work of the quality of the equipment cooling system and components have a great impact.