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Point Wave cooling Tower filler

Point Wave cooling Tower filler

Product Details

Multi-point WaveCooling tower FillerMolding machine by the feeding device, heating device, molding rolling group, transmission device and other components, the use of double drum molding mold rolling molding, fast, easy to operate, it replaces the hydraulic press, die, blister machine, suction mold high-cost equipment, greatly reducing the cost of investors. Its greatest advantage is: can take any material, you need the product is a metre, two meters, three meters ... Any length can be, this is the hydraulic press, blister machine are not a substitute for the advantage. can produce filler width of 400~1000mm, arbitrary length, wave height 25~30mm.


The molding machine molded filler has advanced technology, reasonable design, reliable data, durable, through the test and production operation to show that the cooling effect is good, ventilation resistance is small, light weight, easy to install, the biggest feature is high hydrophilic energy, the surface evenly set bump point, so that each recess can hang water droplets without splashing, To make the water and air more fully contact at the same time so that water and air in the flow of surface disturbance is large, so as to achieve a better cooling effect, after the test of the current domestic filler cooling effect can not be comparable with the filler.