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Round Cooling Tower Filler

Round Cooling Tower Filler

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Round Cooling Tower FillerThe choice

Whether the filler selection of circular cooling tower is appropriate is directly related to the cooling effect. According to the tower shape, thermal performance, resistance performance, ventilation conditions, materials, maintenance, filler support mode and structure, circulating water temperature and water quality and cost and other comprehensive factors, through the technical and economic comparison after the selection.

1. Different towers require different forms of fillers. For example, in large and medium-sized countercurrent cooling tower, plastic oblique wave, trapezoidal oblique wave, cement grid and plastic folding wave are widely used, such as plastic oblique wave and cement arc strip, which are widely used in cross-flow cooling tower. Even for fillers that are suitable for inverse and transverse flow towers, attention should be paid to the requirements when used in different tower shapes. Such as oblique wave filler in the Countercurrent tower using 60° oblique wave, and in the cross-flow tower using 30° oblique wave.