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Reverse-flow stainless steel cooling tower

Reverse-flow stainless steel cooling tower

Product Details

Stainless steel cooling tower can be used reinforced concrete structure, stainless steel. Reinforced concrete Structure tower, it is advisable to adopt bidirectional frame structure. The countercurrent stainless steel cooling tower should adopt bidirectional planar frame structure, the column should adopt stainless steel pipe;

The structure type, arrangement and size of the countercurrent stainless steel cooling tower should be determined synthetically according to the requirements of production and structural design.

The Liang of the water-reflux filler supported by the countercurrent stainless steel cooling tower is arranged in the direction of inlet, and the spacing of the beams should be increased under the condition that the requirements of the supporting leaching filler are met.

The beam supporting the water filler of the countercurrent stainless steel cooling tower shall be a narrow and high rectangular cross section;

Reverse-flow Cooling towerThe horizontal projection area of the supporting structure should not be greater than the area between the axis of the tower15%

Countercurrent Stainless Steel cooling tower enclosure structure, it is advisable to use FRP wall panels, reinforced concrete wall panels or other lightweight high-strength and corrosion-resistant materials wall panels;

The roof of the reverse-flow stainless steel cooling tower shall meet the following requirements:

Reinforced concrete structure Tower top plate.Cast-in-cast reinforced concrete plates should be used;

Steel structure Tower top plate, should adopt lightweight structure, but should ensure its transverse stiffness;

Reverse-flow stainless steel Cooling tower Mounting accessories:

The Tower Body Wind Guide system includes the air cylinder, the diversion cone, the wind guide umbrella or the diversion ring, the horizontal guide plate and so on accessories. The wind turbine should adopt FRP structure, the gap between the inner wall of the air cylinder and the fan blades should be uniform, and should not be greater than20mm

The setting of the diversion cone shall meet the following requirements:

When the fan base is under the column, the guide cone should be set at the top of the column;

When no column is set under the fan base, it should be set under the fan base

The setting of the Air guide umbrella or diversion ring should meet the following requirements:

FRP structure should be used in wind guide umbrella and diversion ring.

The diameter of the fan is equal to4.7mThe tower is suitable for setting the air duct of the Air Guide umbrella or collecting section;

Fan diameter is greater than4.7mThe tower should set up a wind guide umbrella or a diversion ring;

Horizontal wind guide plate can be selected according to the actual situation of reinforced concrete, steel plate, reinforced concrete and FRP composite structure or reinforced concrete and steel plate combination structure;