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Cooling tower Price Specific quotation is divided into the following several industries

Cooling tower is mainly used in air conditioning cooling system, refrigeration series, injection molding, tanning, foaming, power generation, steam turbines, aluminum profile processing, air compressor, industrial water cooling and other fields, the most widely used for air conditioning cooling, refrigeration, plastic chemical industry.Cooling tower PriceSpecific quotes are divided into the following industries
A, Air room temperature regulation Category: Air conditioning equipment, cold storage, refrigerator, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning, etc.
B, manufacturing and processing categories: food industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal casting, plastic industry, rubber industry, textiles, steel mills, chemicals, petrochemical products, etc.
C, mechanical operation cooling Category: Generators, steam turbines, air compressors, hydraulic presses, engines, etc.
D, other types of industries ...
The function of the cooling tower is to heat the cooling water carrying waste heat in the inner part of the tower and the air, so that the waste heat is transmitted to the air and dispersed into the atmosphere.