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Square Cooling Tower product model Description

Square Cooling TowerProduct model Description:
1. Design Parameters:
The Countercurrent Square Industrial tower is: Air wet ball temperature Τ=28℃, cooling tower temperature drop: 10~25℃.
The Countercurrent Square civil tower is: Air wet ball temperature Τ=28℃, cooling tower temperature drop: 5~8℃.
2, the choice of countercurrent square cooling tower need to know the amount of cooling water Q, into the tower water temperature T1, into the tower water temperature T2, into the gas wet ball temperature.
3, countercurrent square cooling tower material can withstand-50 ℃ of low temperature, but for the coldest average monthly temperature of less than 10 ℃ should indicate the order, in order to take anti-freezing measures.
4, circulating water turbidity is not less than 50mg/L, short-term is not much more than 100mg/L, should not contain oil and mechanical impurities. If necessary, anti-algae and water quality stabilization measures should be taken.
5, Countercurrent Square cooling tower in and out of the direction of the water pipe can be rotated at 180 degrees, 270 degrees.
6, the cloth water system is designed according to the nominal water flow, such as the actual amount of water and the difference between the name of more than 15%, should be explained in order, in order to modify some data.
7, Countercurrent square cooling tower inlet temperature does not exceed 60 ℃, if the order should be marked 60 ℃ or more. Fan blade mounting angle adjustable, but to maintain the same angle.
The current of the motor does not exceed the rated current of the motor.
9, the fan can be short, low speed reversal, in order to eliminate icing.
10, the use of countercurrent square cooling tower water disk to make a pool, should be set up a separate "automatic water supply pipe", "fast water pipe", "sewage pipe", "overflow pipe", the order must be clearly stated, the cost is also included. Motors, fans are supporting the supply, the factory needs to send people to the site installation or technical guidance.