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Cleaning method of countercurrent Cooling tower

Reverse-flow Cooling towerPacking cleaning Method (i):
Artificial cleaning of sewage cooling tower shedding of the scale slag;
Rinse the filler repeatedly with high pressure water gun, remove the sludge scale under cleaning, etc.
With 50 ℃ or so hot water will be TNB safe and efficient descaling agent dissolved after the flushing pump repeatedly rinse the filler, until the scale rinse clean (if the filler use period is longer, causing aging and collapse, it is recommended to replace the filler), at the same time add sterilization algae, completely kill biological algae and bacteria;
Confirm that all parts of the system are cleaned and drained of sewage;
Rinse the filler and inside and outside the tower with water;
Restore all parts of the system, recharge can be used;
After all recovery, please party a management personnel acceptance;
Evacuate party B items, clean the site health;
Duration: According to the actual situation.

Reverse-flow Cooling towerCleaning Methods (ii):
1, temporary use of plastic cloth to build a large pool;
2, the cleaning agent added to the water;
3. Remove the filler from the countercurrent sewage cooling tower and soak it into the medicine pool;
4, the soaked clean filler with water rinse clean and then put back to the cooling tower;
5, with adhesive cloth placed on the countercurrent sewage cooling tower Water recharge device, the water recharge mouth immersion dredge;
6, the same method of the Countercurrent sewage cooling tower chassis scale to clear clean;
7, rinse the filler with water and inside and outside the tower body;
8, restore all parts of the system, recharge can be used;
9, the duration: according to the actual situation.