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Cooling tower Fittings A device used to cool the heat of an air conditioner or industrial machine.

Cooling towers are a device used to cool the heat dissipation of air conditioners or industrial machines, the most important technical indicator of which is cooling capacity. In order to ensure the normal operation of air conditioners and industrial machines, the cooling tower must be under the set operating conditions to ensure that the excess heat generated by the machine's work is promptly taken away by the cooling tower circulating working water. Therefore, the cooling tower is closely related to the cooling tower pump.
The cooling tower pump pumps The circulating working water from the heating part of the air conditioner and the industrial machine, and sends it to the cooling tower body for the heat exchange of moisture and gas, so as to achieve the goal of cooling and cooling. The working state of the cooling tower pump must match the working state of the cooling tower: first, its unit time water flow must be matched with the water output of the cooling tower, and the second is that the head must pass through the distance, height and resistance of the work site to select the matching value. In general, these two main indicators match, cooling tower pump can provide a stable demand supply for the cooling tower system, to achieve the cooling tower set by the heat dissipation cooling effect.
 Cooling Tower AccessoriesCharacteristics:

Reliable: The unique, rational design of the external turbine, installed outside the cooling tower air cylinder, easy to maintain maintenance, structure and traditional cooling tower motor, gearbox the same, eliminate the traditional motor mechanical noise and failure rate, smooth operation, high reliability.

Cold efficiency Guarantee: The cooling system changes as the seasons change. The unique design of the external hydraulic turbine three brake valves so that the fan speed with the increase or decrease of circulating water flow and increase or decrease, the air volume will also increase or decrease, so that the cooling tower gas water

than stable in the best state, to achieve the best operating results;

Environmental protection: External hydraulic turbines replace the motor, reduce mechanical noise and vibration, reduce user energy.


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