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How do I tell if the cooling tower is faulty? Cooling tower Manufacturers remind you of the following precautions.

How do I tell if the cooling tower is faulty?Cooling tower ManufacturersRemind you of the following considerations.

1When the cooling tower water is not uniform: the cause may be too much or insufficient circulating water, or insufficient heat dissipation, can adjust the circulating water or adjust the fan blade angle.

2, Cooling tower in the working process of the water cloth does not rotate or rotate too slow phenomenon: The reason may be that the inlet pipe clogged debris, or the nozzle pressure is too low, the solution is to clean the pipe, clean the cloth water or nozzle.

3When the cooling tower works, the fan has abnormal vibration phenomenon: The reason for installing the fixing bolt may be loosening, or because the fan impeller imbalance causes the shaft to bend, it is necessary to check the size of the fixed bolts and check the deviation distance of each blade installation.

4, Cooling tower in operation Gearbox has a different sound: may be gear wear, bearing damage, gearbox oil shortage and other reasons, at this time the solution is to replace gears, replace bearings or add lubricants.

5, Cooling tower in the work of the pool leakage situation: at this time because the leakage treatment is not good or the supplementary water level is too high, you can tap the glass silicone, seal the fiber to repair its leakage problem, or adjust the float valve assembly to the correct position. Therefore, the cooling tower in the use of improper operation or improper mediation caused by work problems, so should operate equipment in accordance with the operating procedures, when the problem occurs should be timely in accordance with the operating procedures to adjust the reference operation, or call professionals for inspection and maintenance.

Cooling tower has been widely used in many industrial production, and cooling tower failure, the selection of suitable cooling tower repair manufacturers is very important not only to provide timely service response, but also without worries, the new Ji Cooling tower is committed to cooling tower maintenance for many years, in the industry after-sales service has formed a good reputation.