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Prices of different types of cooling towers

Cooling tower PriceAbout one thousand or two thousand yuan per station, cheap has hundreds of yuan, expensive has a good thousands of yuan.

Different types of cooling water towers, the price is also different. In terms of category, 1, according to the ventilation mode is divided into natural ventilation cooling tower, mechanical ventilation cooling tower, mixed ventilation cooling tower. 2, according to hot water and air contact mode is divided into wet cooling tower, dry cooling tower, dry and wet cooling tower. 3, according to the flow direction of hot water and air is divided into countercurrent cooling tower, transverse flow (AC) cooling tower, mixed-flow cooling tower. 4, according to the use of general air conditioning cooling tower, industrial cooling tower, high-temperature cooling tower. 5, according to the noise level is divided into ordinary cooling tower, low-noise cooling tower, ultra-low-noise cooling tower, ultra-mute cooling tower. 6, other such as spray-type cooling tower, fan-free cooling tower, hyperbolic cooling tower and so on.