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Whether the filler selection of circular cooling tower is appropriate is directly related to the cooling effect

Round Cooling TowerWhether the filler selection is appropriate is directly related to the cooling effect. According to the tower shape, thermal performance, resistance performance, ventilation conditions, materials, maintenance, filler support mode and structure, circulating water temperature and water quality and cost and other comprehensive factors, through the technical and economic comparison after the selection.
1. Different towers require different forms of fillers. For example, in large and medium-sized countercurrent cooling tower, plastic oblique wave, trapezoidal oblique wave, cement grid and plastic folding wave are widely used, such as plastic oblique wave and cement arc strip, which are widely used in cross-flow cooling tower. Even for fillers that are suitable for inverse and transverse flow towers, attention should be paid to the requirements when used in different tower shapes. such as oblique wave filler in the Countercurrent tower using 60° oblique wave, and in the cross-flow tower using 30° oblique wave.
2. It is required that the filler hydrophilicity can be good, has high heat exchange performance and allows for a large water drain load. The filler made of plastic sheet makes the filler of circular cooling tower lighter, the volume shrinks, the cooling surface area of unit volume increases, and the large water load can be allowed, and its heat exchange performance is greatly improved. It is hoped that the resistance of the airflow flowing through the circular cooling tower filler will be small and the airflow distribution should be even.
3. Filler materials to be easy to get, long service life, easy installation and transportation, cheap, easy to repair.
4. When using plastic circular cooling tower filler, it is necessary to pay attention to:
(1) When the quality of circulating water is poor, untreated, easy to scale on the surface of the filler, it is not appropriate to use the filler plate spacing of small oblique waves, honeycomb and other forms of circular cooling tower filler.
(2) The material of the plastic should meet the specified performance indicators:
1) No geometric deformation occurs under 65 ℃ conditions.
2) in the design of the minimum temperature conditions are not broken, not brittle cracking.
3) Under normal operation and conditions of use, its life span is not less than 20.
4) has good flame retardant properties.
5. In the design of the support system for the circular cooling tower filler, the operating weight of the circular cooling tower filler shall be counted as follows:
(1) The weight of the filler.
(2) Scaling on the surface of the filler and the weight of the sediment.
(3) The weight of the water film on the filler surface is designed according to the thickness of each side of the surface of the filler sheet for 0.5~1.0mm.
(4) Cold area circular cooling tower filler lower layer may form hanging ice load, depending on the situation can be used 150~250kg/m2.
Cement grid, folding wave, oblique staggered filler, trapezoidal oblique wave filler has the advantages of good cooling effect, easy availability of materials, good durability, small ventilation resistance, good airflow distribution performance, and so on, the large cooling tower is used more, but also the use of plastic grid, honeycomb and other fillers. The small and medium-sized mechanical ventilation cooling tower mostly uses the oblique wave, trapezoidal oblique wave or other filler made of hard polyvinyl chloride.